The Wizard Is Coming

Did You Always Want To Do This?

Do you watch videos on YouTube? It’s nearly 99% certain that you do. There are millions of videos on there and people are always checking it out to find out how to do something, cook a meal, string a guitar, check out the latest fashions, songs, shows, watch cartoons, old films you name it, there’s a video about it on Youtube.  You may have already watched something on it today but did you always want to be able to upload your own videos to Youtube? Did you think it was too difficult?

Not any more because the Wizard is nearly here – Instant Video Wizard. It is not available yet but it will be on sale 2 October 2017.



It can:

  • create a video on any subject you want
  • add narration, automatically, using a script you can provide or edit
  • add pictures
  • add your own video
  • add your own voice over
  • translate into other languages
  • produce an MP4
  • Upload directly to your channel on Youtube or download to your computer.

This is just some of what it can do. Add in a database of PLR articles and ArticleBuilder articles on just about any subject you can think of and you can create and upload thousands of professional looking and sounding videos in a short time, ready for your visitors to search for and watch.

Finding Easy Keywords To Rank For

Start at the beginning

Start at the beginning

A new tool will be available soon, for finding the easiest to rank for keywords. It’s so new, I haven’t even had a try at it yet and am only going to be able to get a peek at it on Saturday 25 June 2016 for the first time, at a webinar. Apparently it goes out and searches for keywords or phrases that are easy to rank for, so you don’t have to go searching through hundreds to find the ones that could help you get ahead of the competition. Not only are the keywords easy to rank for but they do actually have searches, so people are looking for these things. I will let you know what this tool looks like and whether it lives up to the hype. Looking forward to the webinar!

Update. I watched the webinar and the new tool is called Keyword Titan. It has not yet been rolled out but will be tested with some current users of Keyword Canine first. It looks pretty awesome, so hoping to get a go at it soon!

Question & Answer Session Free Webinar

Everyone one with any kind of site or blog has questions about running websites or internet marketing they wish could be answered by an expert.  There was a free webinar held Thursday 17th March (yes, I know, St Patrick’s Day) at 5pm EST (New York) 9pm UK (the UK hasn’t gone onto summer time yet) which answered questions about Internet Marketing, live on air. This was the first of a monthly Q&A session being held for members of a private coaching group. But the first one was OPEN TO ANYONE, not just members of the group. In future, these webinars are likely to be held at the weekend but this first one was on THURSDAY 17th March at 5pm EST,  9pm UK.

Jon Leger, a marketing guru who has earned millions in the last 5 years held this webinar for his members but allowed anyone to attend for this first session only. People got their questions, answered live on air and learned by listening to other people’s questions too.